Our Lexmin™ Organic Moringa Farm Story

We are a company based in Cambodia. Our pioneering approach, to cultivate Moringa organically, combines ancient Indian Vedic agricultural methods with state-of-the-art, ultra-high-density cultivation techniques.

Lexmin™ Organic Moringa Farm is nestled in the foothills of the Cardamom Mountains in Kampong Speu, a rural province situated on the outskirts of the stunning and pristine Kirirom eco-region of Cambodia. The farm location has been selected for its ideal climatic and soil conditions— blessed with year-round warmth, pure mountain spring water and fertile, sandy loam soil to give each organic Moringa Oleifera (Moringa) plant an ideal start in the ecological cycle.

We are a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who have a vision to source, organically cultivate and supply ancient medicinal and nutritional plants for the promotion of Human Health and Wellbeing. We have introduced specialized Indian Vedic organic farming methods into Cambodia— we do not use chemical fertilisers, pesticides or chemical growth regulators. In addition to Moringa, we are also currently cultivating on the farm Black Ginger, Black and Orange Turmeric and Neem in active relationship with the local ecosystem — Our motto is Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Humans — Good Health Through Nature.

Nutrient-dense Lexmin™ Moringa leaves are grown under certified organic conditions for processing into 100% plant food dietary supplements without artificial fillers to meet the global demand for organic plant-based health supplements— in particular for Moringa as a rediscovered ancient “super food.”

We began on 18 June 2018 to test the best cultivation methods for an organic Moringa farm in Cambodia. We experimented with different organic growing methods on a small plot of intense cultivation— our test centre which we lovingly call our creative “hot house”. We eventually settled on Indian Vedic preparation methods; in particular our in-house preparations of natural bio-fertilizer mixtures to enliven the soil through fermentation and organic coatings to stimulate seed potency for germination. The result was a yield of abundantly lush Moringa plants in the plot, shown right.

With these promising results, the Lexmin™ Organic Moringa Farm came into being at our 22-hectare site at Kirirom, Cambodia. We commenced with 800,000 organic moringa “lungs” in a 1-hectare plot, as ultra-high-density cultivation, shown left.

Our experimental batch of non-GMO organic Moringa seeds germinating in our test centre, pictured right.

Our tender baby organic Moringa saplings being nurtured, shown left.

We cultivate the best Moringa tender leaves to make certified-organic, nutrient-dense Moringa products to be taken as dietary supplements. We are constantly testing our parameters to retain the maximum nutrients, pictured right.

A million organic Moringa to breathe out oxygen in a world of rising temperature, shown left, on video.

Our Organic Certification Permit

Halal Certificate

…and The Lexmin™ Story Continues

Rare Black Turmeric

Virtually untouched by industrialisation, naturally irrigated Cambodia, from north to south, is a triumph of biodiversity—providing ideal conditions to spawn flora and fauna. Open Development Cambodia reports ecologically rich Cambodia has a classification of around 8,260 species of plant, 874 species of fish, 500 species of bird and more than 250 species of amphibian and reptile thriving here. Lush vegetation thrives on pure water and fertile soil. Pure spring water streaming down from the forested highlands of the Cardamom Mountains winds its way into the Lexmin™ Organic Farm to irrigate the Moringa crops and additionally, Black Ginger, Turmeric, and Neem, nourishing the land and yielding a green harvest: proudly organic, proudly Cambodian.

On 16 June 2019, our Lexmin™ farm manager, a Vedic agriculturalist, happened to stumble on rare, black turmeric or scientifically named Curcuma caesia, growing wild in the interior of our 22-hectare land at the foothills of Cardamom Mountain range, shown left.

Black Turmeric is a rare medicinal herb. It contains the highest concentration of curcumin of any plant species. It has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Some tribes in India have been using it medicinally for centuries to treat arthritis, asthma, epilepsy, migraine and sprains. As of 2016, Black Turmeric has been listed as an endangered species by the Indian Agricultural Department with efforts being made to protect and conserve the species in India.

Having come across this rare medicinal plant on our 22-hectare farm, Lexmin™ has decided to cultivate Black Turmeric to preserve and protect this endangered species and to make the plant available again, for human consumption, in a sustainable way.

Lexmin™ subscribes to the maxim that “Moringa Ain’t Moringa Without Organic Certification.”

Black Turmeric plants, growing in the wild, on our 22-hectare land.